Conversation with my friend

janvier 15, 2015

Anush ;Hello!
Nanor ; Hi!
Nanor ; What is your name?
Anush ; My name is Anush. And what is your name?
Nanor ; My name is Nanor.
Anush ; How are you?
Nanor ; I am fine thank you and you?
Anush ; I am fine too thank  you.
Anush ; How old are you???        
Nanor ;  I am 11  , and you?
Anush ; I am 11  too .
Anush ; Are you have a sister or brother ?
Nanor ; Yes I have a sister. Her name is Naneh  .
Anush ; I have a sister and brother  . Asya  & Aram.
Anush: I am going  to dance  class. And you ??
Nanor; I am going  to dance class too.
Anush; I am  going  to dance class at Monday and Friday.
Nanor; I am going  to dance class at Thursday , Friday  and Saturday.
Anush ;  Are you free at 4:00 we can go to the park.

Nanor ; Yes I’m free See you.

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