I really love traveling. I love discovering new places where I can take photos. In this year I haven’t traveled. During the first week of June we went to Sevan.  Sevan is my favorite place. The main reason that we went to there was our sport’s exam.  The first day the weather wasn’t good and we canceled our exam. But the weather didn’t bother us. We started to play random games. What a trip without taking pictures. Sevan is so beautiful and we decided to do a photo shoot. After it were hungry and we helped out teacher for making sandwiches for us. Some of the students wanted to sleep in tents.  Me and my friends helped them to build it. But when it started to rain, the tents got wet and they needed to go out. It was 6pm and we went to the beach. It was so fun. We danced, played games till 11pm. As we were tired we went to sleep. But some of us didn’t get enough sleep. It was 9am and we started our exam. It was easy because it was our sport exam. We ran 500km which I thought that would be really hard but no it wasn’t. After the exam we were so tired and played some games again. As it was the last day my friends decided to swim. They swam and after it we collected our things and came back to Yerevan. So this is was my last school trip and I was really fun. I got new friends and allergies.

Nowadays there are employment agencies, work announcement web pages where they post jobs for those people who have occupations and work experience. If you are a student or a high school learner and you want to do short-term jobs or volunteering jobs in your free time, you can hardly find jobs on web-pages for you. We decided to create a platform that will be available each time of the day and people can easily find short-term jobs and work, gain skills: The skills gained during the work will be shown in an online resume. Our “Bee Young Expert” application’s advantage is that you can call the employer and if the location, the time and the work content are suitable, you can easily get an agreement. Even though from the start, we created the app for the youth’s unemployment, but adults and people with disabilities can also use the app. Later on, we will try to develop the application that all the posted jobs will be shown on the map with a green signal and when they are occupied or the time is expired they will be
removed automatically. We also want to give an opportunity to ordinary people who are not employers to post their job announcements on the app. And those who are eager can quickly register.

Executive Summary
In Armenia, the level of unemployment is higher among youth. And according to the United Nations in Armenia unemployment among 15-24 youth is over 40% [1]. The main reason is that the youth don’t have work experience, professional skills, and the companies are hardly able to give beginners a work also they don’t have a platform which would adjust these obstacles. With the application that we have created, we will help the youth to get a job, do half term jobs or volunteering work and make an online resume with the skills that they have gained from the work they have done due to this application. Later, this online resume will help the young people to get a job. And the companies will see the activities and capacities of the future worker. Our application is useful for the young people, for the companies and also for individual people.

Women and violence 

You need to read out loud each line three times if you want to save your life.”
, fighter. 

She's Jane. A fighter. A strong woman. Mother.
Jane says she was raped by three men wearing Gurkha uniforms. She was herding her husband’s goats and sheep, and carrying firewood, when she was attacked.
“I felt so ashamed and could not talk about it to other people. She is 38 but looks considerably older. She has a deep scar on her leg where she was cut by stones when she was pushed to the ground.
 “I eventually told my husband’s mother that I was sick, because I had to explain the injuries and my depression. I was given traditional medicine, but it did not help.
When she told my husband [about the rape], he beat me with a cane.

Reasons why women don’t report rape
       Fear of the police and authorities
       Fear of family
       Fear of revenge
       No money

Nowadays most women don’t know what is sexual harassment and domestic violence. In some countries there aren’t laws for sexual harassment and violence. And in some villages (mostly in Africa) women think that “wife-beating” is part of marriage. Some women don’t know about their rights. And they think that after marriage her husband should decide for her. For example, men can close her wife in a room and don’t let her to get out with her friends or meet with her family.
Wife-beating nowadays is a modern phenomenon in some countries but not in in Papua New Guinea. The majority Papua New Guinean wives have been hit by their husbands. 60 per cent of Papua New Guinea’s wives said they had been hit by their husbands, and 60 per cent of husbands said they had hit their wives. But this numbers were describing the situation in villages. Wife-beating is more serious problem in towns than in the villages. Town wives are more dependent on their husbands with fewer avenues of escape or sources of support then they would have at home in the village. Alcohol places a large part in town live and can be the main cause of wife-beating. Beating may be more severe when husbands are drunk. The research also showed it that some women hit their husbands. But this doesn’t mean that men are being victimized by their wives. Wives mainly hit in self-defense and are generally far smaller, weaker. A hospital survey in some cities found that of all patients presenting for treatment for domestic violence injuries 70 per cent were wives and 3 per cent were husbands. It’s clear that it’s not husband who are the main victims.

Effects on the wife
       Injuries ranging from cuts, black eyes, burns, broken bones and even brain damage
       In the worst cases death may result or the victim make suicide
       Love for the husband changes in to fear of him
       Loss of confident of herself (because her husband is always telling her it’s her fault that he hits her)
       Feeling of helplessness (because her husband controls her through his violence)
       She maybe absents a lot at work and may lose her job 
       She becomes isolated as he controls her live

No one can say the real numbers of physical abuse cases because it is considered normal and acceptable by most people .The police often don’t record cases.
We have the same problem here in Armenia.
UMOJA: The village where men are banned

Only women are allowed to live in Umoja. The village was founded in 1990 by a group of 15 women who were survivors of rape by local British soldiers. Umoja’s population has now expanded to include any women escaping child marriage, domestic violence and rape – all of which are cultural norms among the Samburu.
New arrival woman is greeted by singing and dancing from the women. They wear traditional Samburu dress of patterned skirts, brightly colored shirts and a kanga(a colorful wrap) tied on their shoulders.

“Outside, women are being ruled by men so they can’t get any change,” says Seita Lengima, an elderly woman in the communal shaded area in the village.

 “The women in Umoja have freedom.”
Curiously, for an all-woman village, there seems to be a lot of children around. How does this happen? “Ah,” laughs a young woman, “we still like men. They are not allowed here, but we want babies and women have to have children, even if you are unmarried.”

Woman and Education
Why focus on education today?
Because education is not only a human right, education is a powerful tool for women’s empowerment.Those who complete secondary education are likely to earn a greater income over their lifetimes, to have fewer unwanted pregnancies, to provide better health care and education to their own children. Most policymakers would agree that no country can lift itself out of poverty or achieve its potential when half its citizens are denied equal rights and opportunities.

Almost every female student who studied at the university in India have suffered sexual harassment. This fact was invisible until 7 February 1990. When a young woman killed herself. Woman killed herself not because what happened to her but because of helplessness. Woman who suffered from violence are demoralized and their grates suffered terribly. They killed their selves because when they called for help no one listened. All women who are suffering from harassment feel two things in common, anger and helplessness. This is a serious problem for women who are employed.

What can we do to stop domestic violence?
       Call the police if you see or hear evidence of domestic violence.
       Speak out publicly against domestic violence
       Maintain a healthy, respectful romantic relationship as a model for your children and others.
       Educate others on domestic violence by inviting a speaker from your local domestic violence organization to present at your religious or professional organization, civic or volunteer group, workplace, or school.
       Create domestic violence counseling programs and shelters.

Know your rights. Be free. Feel free.

The Internet in my life. The advantages and disadvantages of Media education. 
The Internet is the most useful source of education. In our school, we can't do anything if there is no internet or when we don't have a computer. But I really like that we use computers. First of all your work is more simple. And even if you are absent from the classes you can open teachers' blogs and find the homework. For me using a computer while doing math is great because you don’t need to draw the geometric figures and you type faster. Media education is cool because it makes your work much easier. There is always bad in good. Sometimes I feel that I don't need this Media education because the internet is slow or my computer isn't working or when I don't want to do my classwork I just check my social media.Sometimes I think that the internet is killing our social lives. Yes, I use the internet too much but for me, it not a problem because I know when I should do my lessons or when I should check my social media. And for some people, it's a really huge problem because they don't use the Media education properly.

Gary admitted that he had stolen the keys.
The police arrested one hundred people in a year.
You have committed a lot of mistakes that is why we don’t want you to work in here.
We are going to make a protest.
There are 50 percent votes against and 50 percent in favor.
Yesterday I was going home and I saw how two men were robbing a bank.
She has committed the project.
Did you vote in the last election?
They were robbing the bank while I was in there.
You stole my idea.
The protest involved too many companies and the government had to change the laws.

Ken Adams
Ken Adams. An actor who’s not that famous but he’s a very talented person. He was born on June 29 in Canada.  He has black straight hair and dark brown eyes. He’s funny, loyal, humble and a friend that you’ll need when you’re in a hard time. He always wears casual clothes . One of his biggest dreams is to win an Oscar. Ken travels a lot. But his most favorite place is New York. He has a lot of hobbies but his most favorite one is photographing.  While he travels he takes black and white photos. He isn’t a sociable person. He likes to spend his time alone or with his best friend. His friend is just like him. Sometimes they travel together, sometimes they just sit on the couch and talk about life. Ken thinks if you want to be a really good person you need to respect everyone because we all are equal and he hates when people don't respect each other. Everyone thinks that Ken is a good friend.

Fill in the correct form verb – All Tenses
1. I saw a great film yesterday. (see)
2. have you ever bought a new car? (you ever buy)
3. I met him last Monday. (meet)
4. The band was playing while I was writing . (play, write)
5. She bought  the new car in 2005. (buy)
6. Her mother has lived Victoria for the past five years. (live)
7. They already had been  in Germany when we arrived a few days ago. (already be)
8.When do you plan to get married? (you plan)
9. I have had so much fun since I was a kid. (have)
10. When I got up I looked  out of the window and saw that it
2as raining  . (look, see, rain)
11. Janet had been working for Smith and Brothers before she came to work for us. (work)
12. I  I have seen three movies so far this week. (see)
13. How long have you been waiting  for me? (you wait)
14. I flew  over Loch Ness last week. – did you see the Loch Ness monster?
(fly, you see)
15. I’m afraid I’m not hungry. I have already eaten  . (already eat)
16. Peter was playing  football in the afternoon when he got the call. (play)
17. “What were u doing 9 and 12 yesterday morning”, the detective said. (you do)
18. He kept looking at her, wondering where he had seen  her before. (see)
19. The doctor’s waiting room was full of people. Some were reading a magazine, a woman
Knitting and a child was playing with a doll. Suddenly the door
Opened and a nurse came out. (read, knit, play, open, come)
20. Travelling has become  much easier and more comfortable in the past hundred years. (become)
21. I have been baking cake. That’s why my hands are full of flour. (bake)
22. When I first came to this house it was  quite a noisy area. (be)
23. He twisted his ankle while he was skiing  . (ski)
24. do you ever lock the doors before you leave the house? (you ever lock)
25. My best friend and  Ihave known  each other for 15 years. (know)
26. Jack usually smokes but he doesn’t smoke when his father comes. (smoke,
not smoke)
27. Have you had breakfast yet? – Yes I had it together with Sue at 7. (you have)
28. I did this kind of work when I was a small boy. (do)
29. He was reading  the paper when his wife came home. (read)
30. He has been speaking  for an hour now. I’ll be finished soon. (speak)
31. How long have you known  John and Maria?- We met the couple over thirteen years ago. (you
32. He had been living  in Oxford for two years and when his mother died he moved to London. (live)
33. After Harry had finished his work he called  Jude from the office. (finish,
34. You have been writing  your homework for two hours. Haven’t you finished yet? (do)
35. He always goes to the supermarket alone, but today he
took his son with him. (go, take)
36. He never works   in the evening, only on Sundays. (work)
37. I have never been to South America but I have been to New York several times. (never, be)
38. Has anyone seen  Jean? – No, she probably went to her friend’s place. (anyone, see)
39. I went to the bank yesterday but when I got there it was closed. (go)
40. She has been  in school all day. (be)
41. Lee has been  late every day since Tuesday. (be)
42. Herbert’s father never forgets  his son’s birthday (never forget)
43. I did not finished my report because I had a problem with my computer. (not finish)

My favourite corner in the school
There are so many corners in my school but my favorite one is our library. In our school everyone likes to spend their time in library because it’s comfortable, the lighting is so good in there and so on. I don’t read a lot but when I go to the library I only want to read because of the comfort. Even though when I don’t want to read I spend my free time in there because it’s a quiet place. Our librarian, Miss Nona is the best. If she knows you, you are lucky, because she will suggest you books what you would like to read. After classes I mostly spend my time in library.

The  best shopping streets in the world slide  36. page 35 Headaway
Try  to find   other famous streets  or  shopping streets  in the world. Simplify the texts  and post in your blog. Be ready to present it in class.

Carnaby street, London
The street was built in 1682. The home of Punks, Mods, Skinheads. Canraby is the epicenter of culture and lifestyle in London’s West End.
“Karnaby House” was the first house in the street and I was built in 1682. In the 1720’s was redeveloped to include a market for meat, vegetables and fish in Lowndes Market (lately known as Canraby Market). Carnaby was the place to showcase defiant style. Whether you were a Mod, Punk, Rocker or a Goth, Carnaby was your fashion home. In 2012 Carnaby London collaborates with “The Rolling Stones” to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  

Why Armenians love strangers

Armenians, like their Caucasus neighbours, have long been renowned for generosity to outsiders – a result of the country’s historical location on the Silk Road.

I never meant to spend the night in Dilijan. I’d been making my way through northern Armenia towards the capital city of Yerevan, having crossed from Georgia several days earlier. My travels were taking me south, but slowly.

It was clear early on that Armenia was going to be interesting. After crossing the border from Georgia I’d hopped onto an old marshrutka – one of the cheap, omnipresent public minibuses that beetle through the Caucasus – and as we pulled away the driver placed a live bird, delicate and honey-coloured, onto the dashboard.

Ինչու են հայերը սիրում հյուրերին
Հայերը, ինչպես նրանց կովկասյան հարևանները, երկար ժամանակ ճանաչված են  եղել, որպես առատաձերն ժողովուրդ ՝ երկրի տարածքը պատմական վայրում գտնվելու   պատճառով՝ Մետաքսի Ճանապարհի վրա: Ես երբեք չեմ անցկացրել գիշերը Դիլիջանում: Ես ճանապարհորդում էի հյուսիսային Հայաստանի ճանապարհով դեպի մայրաքաղաք` Երևան, մի քանի օր առաջ անցնելով Վրաստանը: Իմ ճանպապարհորդությունները ինձ տանում էին դեպի հարավ, բայց դանդաղ: Պարզ էր, որ Հայաստանը հետաքրիր էր լինելու: Վրաստանի սահմանը անցնելուց, ես նստեցի մի հին   «մարշրուտկա» ամենաէժան , ամենուրեք հասարակական երթուղային տաքսի , որը անցնում է Կովկասով:  Եվ երբ ճանապարհվեցինք վարորդը մի կենդանի թռչուն հանեց՝ մեղրագույն ու դրեց վահանակին: 

Make  up sentences using Past Tense/10
I worked at the library.
My mother came home while I was doing my homework.
I hoped that my sister would be able to help me.
Helen had a white dress.
My uncle bought me a brand new phone.
Elizabeth thought that she’s not a good actress.
Yesterday I went to a concert.
While Britney was writing a story about herself, Mrs Clark phoned her mother.
He had been gone since July.
I didn’t like my mother’s new dress. 
Make  up  questions  using Past Tense/10
Did you pay the gas bill?
Where was Eric born?
What did your teacher say?
What where you doing yesterday?
Where had she gone?
Where had you eaten?
How had we met?
How long had you been working?
When did you see the movie?
How was your day?

Get to know me
I’m so bored right now that is why I’m writing this. Some people told me that I’m so quiet. But no, it’s not true. I’m a loud person. If I know you or I feel comfortable with you, I will show you that I’m not quiet at all. I like to share my feelings to other people but sometimes I feel like it’s not necessary to share your feelings to someone. I’m a friend that will be next to you even though you hurt my feelings. I will not show you that you have done something bad to me.  Anyway, I have really good friends and I’m proud of them.
 I  like to listen to rock. When I go out for groceries or for school I always take my headphones with me. When I forget them I just don’t care that I’m late, I will run to my house and pick them. I guess that you figured out that I love listening to music. I love taking pictures too. And after when I do my homework I go out and take some pictures. It is really relaxing for me.  There is a thing that I don’t like about myself. I hate when someone chews something next to me. It a nightmare for me. That is the main reasons why I don’t go out for dinners. Maybe it’s a bad thing, I don’t know.

Social  media  destroys  social communication
Those who have a life on the internet do not always realize that they are losing their connections with the real world. Many people are addicted to social media and it makes them lazy. Social media seems to have a  great impact, especially on teenagers. Social networking has its positive sides, considering the fact that it allows us to connect with friends and family in a matter of seconds. Though this is extremely useful, it’s also destroying our ability to make real life conversations. The sad thing is that people are bullied over the internet, but they aren’t saying a word to each other in a real life. The internet has destroyed communication among families and friends. Children have stopped playing outside, they are addicted to games on phones and laptops. And it’s bad because they can’t talk to people and they are always texting with someone. If you are 7 years old, go and play outside, live your childhood you don’t need smartphones, don’t destroy social communication. People need a break from social networking so they can live a real life in the real world.

About me
My name is Anoush Tadevosian. I was born on the 21st of February in 2003 which means I'm 14 years old.  When I was 5 years old I decided to be a dancer but now I've changed my mind and I want to be a programmer. I like to watch TV shows and my favourite TV show is "FRIENDS".  This TV show makes me laugh every time and there isn't a character that I don’t love. My favourite genre of music is all types of music except country. I don't know why but I don't like country music. Making memes is my hobby. I opened a meme page a month ago. I post every single day and I have a lot of followers.  I just like making people laugh. I'm so proud of myself :D. I've never met a famous person but I want to meet one of my favourite YouTuber Brent Rivera.  Everyone knows, friendship is one of the most important things in our lives. They are always there for me and they know everything about me. I can't imagine my life without my family and friends.

I think it doesn't matter.You want to learn a language, you can learn it with homework or without it. And I don’t think if you don’t choose homework , it doesn't mean you can just sit around and do nothing. You can read a book, you can do something for you. Doing your homework is a really good thing too. So  as you can see it doesn't matter, if you want to learn you will. But if you don’t  then you will never learn.

Dear Diary
Today we were talking about keeping diaries. I had a diary. But I never can finish them or keep them . I forget to write, or my hand hurts. But if i think about it i don’t need it.  I don’t understand why people write about their  feelings and emotions .  But keeping diaries sometime it good to. So your friend tells you a secret and you don’t know what to do. You have to tell anyone or you can write it down and you will feel calm again. Now imagine, it’s your secret. And you just need to tell someone. And that someone is your diary. But why do you need a diary, if you have a friend with whom you can share your own emotions , feelings and secrets . I think a friend can do more than a diary.

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