mercredi 13 septembre 2017

Social media destroys social communication

Those who have a life on the internet do not always realize that they are losing their connections with the real world. Many people are addicted to social media and it makes them lazy. Social media seems to have a  great impact, especially on teenagers. 

Social networking has its positive sides, considering the fact that it allows us to connect with friends and family in a matter of seconds. Though this is extremely useful, it’s also destroying our ability to make real life conversations. The sad thing is that people are bullied over the internet, but they aren’t saying a word to each other in a real life. The internet has destroyed communication among families and friends. Children have stopped playing outside, they are addicted to games on phones and laptops. And it’s bad because they can’t talk to people and they are always texting with someone. If you are 7 years old, go and play outside, live your childhood you don’t need smartphones, don’t destroy social communication. People need a break from social networking so they can live a real life in the real world.

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